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I was expecting a great deal from San Roque and some of it did live up to my expectation, but not much. The club house is very decent, the practice facilities good but there is though this air of slight tiredness about the whole place. To be fair the green fee was not that prohibitive, however off setting that was the club rental, which was an absolute rip off. The course itself starts off very well and after the first there are some dramatic holes, but it all peters out and whilst there are some clever uses of blind shots and the narrow fairways are surrounded by very friendly mounding it just doesn’t quite gel for me. In fact it feels claustrophobic and it appears as if the designer wanted to throw as many golf course design bits into the smallest piece of land he could find. The conditioning of the course was OK, the fairways were in very good condition which is certainly more than I can say for the greens which were really poor. Maybe my dislike of the design is down to taste and I could see the clever design work of which there are some really good points especially the 3rd, but would you ever get me to play it again ………… no. The reason for this is that it is a manufactured course, it doesn’t compliment it’s surroundings it’s just built on it and try’s to exploit it, some of it well and some of it very poorly. One major spoiling factor is the concrete track that blights the whole course and is definitely needed for those that prefer go kart golf, because this is a very undulating course. Actually now I think of it without the go kart track it would actually be a much much better course ……… they should cover them over, ban the idiotic golf karts and get caddies who can direct you round the blind shots.

Date: September 25, 2007

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