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The New course is no doubt a good technical design, in that a decent golf course has been squeezed into a tiny parcel of land. It is also without question, a good test of golf, and was in really good condition, especially the fairways.However, I felt that the course felt manufactured, formulaic and lacking in soul. There are obviously artificial humps and bumps everywhere, the bunkers are often decorative rather than useful, and the same visual tricks are repeated on too many holes.If you enjoy a purely technical test of your game, I can see that this course deserve it high rating. If you want more from your round, I fear that you will, like us, come away rather disappointed or even disgruntled.The clubhouse was in some ways the same. Good food, efficiently presented, but a bit charmless.Of a party of eight, one said he would return. The rest categorised the experience as 'glad to played there, have enjoyed a lot of other courses a lot more, would not return.'

Date: March 02, 2013

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