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As a lover of links golf, I was somewhat sceptical of a magazine article which said that Sand Hills was a course good enough to stage the British Open but having managed to arrange 4 days golf there in July 2000 I was blown away by the sheer magificence of this course. The only thing missing was the sea. It had everything a golfer could want !!! and some !!..A golf course that far exceeded the magazine's boast, for in my opinion, if you took the best collective 18 links holes in GB/I and made it into a course it would NOT be as good as the 18 that Sand hills has to offer..(and before you ask..Ive played all the Open course's and most other great links courses around GB/I).. The condition was immaculate, tees and fairways as smooth as silk, and greens that ran to 13 on the stimpmeter. Off course, the clubhouse is superbly appointed (well stocked bar !!) and has a superb restaurant. The accomodation is excellent, a series of log cabins perched along the banks of the superbly named Dismal River. (Staying here is a must,as the nearest accomodation is a 2hour drive away).The one drawback about Sand Hills is its location, described by the club as drive to the middle of nowhere and turn left! but for the avid golfer it all adds to the adventure. Try to get a game and enjoy it. Six years on and I still remember everything, yes, it was that good.

Date: September 19, 2006

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