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What is there to say about Sand Hollow that hasn't been said already? Being consistently rated as the number 1 public course in Utah, and often the number 1 (such as here) even over the private Park City Courses by world-class architects, that leaves expectations loftier than a 68-degree wedge. Combined with being the most expensive public course in Utah, there's reason to be skeptical if it's worthy of the hype. The answer, in my humble opinion, is yes, it really is that good. It's a consistently amazing course throughout and the back 9 in particular have some of the most spectacular holes that you can play. And, if you don't mind the summer heat, it can be quite affordable too.

The front 9 isn't the famous part of the course, but it's excellent in its own right. It weaves through the landscape between, and even over, the rock formations of the local area. A fun layout in its own right.

Obviously, the back 9 are what makes Sand Hollow a world class golf course. Starts simple enough, and the 11th par 3 gives a first glimpse of what's to come. Then the next 4 holes are some of the most visually stunning holes out there, being built into the cliffside and offering gorgeous views of the valley below. Pictures alone can't do them justice, they really are holes you have to play to believe.

Notable holes:

-2nd: The first par 5 of the course, the sandstone formation to the right provides a dramatic backdrop to the hole.

-6th: The longest par 4 of the course, the uphill shot to downhill second and rock in the middle make it feel like you're playing up and down one of the rock formations.

-12th: The first of the cliffside holes, an uphill par 4 that's the longest of the 9 too. Hit a good drive to get on in 2.

-13th: The second of the cliffside holes, it's a potentially driveable par 4, but is heavily guarded. Approach the green carefully.

-15th: The grand finale of the cliffside holes, it's the longest par 3 of the course. Hit it good and straight onto the green, because the room for error is very slim on this one.

Even for a region as stacked with great courses as St. George/Mesquite, Sand Hollow is a standout. With a great front 9 and truly exceptional back 9, it delivers an experience a player won't likely forget for some time. The architects John Fought and Andy Staples should be proud to have constructed such an amazing course and acclaimed. If you have the time and money to visit St. George, not only should Sand Hollow be on your list, it's worthy of saving for last as the finale of the trip, and worth a stop for golfers driving through.

Date: June 04, 2021

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