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Played the County Club today and in some ways very impressed but in others pretty disappointed. The layout is certainly well thought out. The front 9 is definitely more open and easier to score and the back 9 tightens up. As he previous reviewer said there is a very good range of length holes and you real have to think your way around. However, the management really didn't seem too concerned about the paying public today. Greens were very heavily sanded and some of the fairways on the back 9 were simply unplayable. They were basically being dug up an replanted it appeared. What was annoying was that there had been no mention of this when booking or when paying the incredibly over-inflated green fee of $250. The local caddy was fine but not sure why it is necessary to have a mandatory caddy who stands on the back of the cart and whose only job appears to be to rake the bumker (oh and of course expects a tip on top of the fee!). Shame because the course itself was definitely interesting and good fun, the conditon and attitude of management was anything but!

Date: November 06, 2008

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