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This was the main course at Sandy Lane prior to Green Monkey and hosted the World Cup of Golf a few years ago. As you would expect, the green fee is in the premium range, and the course is in excellent condition throughout. Caddies are required at the course. Having played the Green Monkey first, the Country Club was a bit of a let down, because although a challenging enough course, the scenery and visual appeal is just not in the same league. There are a number of nice holes, usually those featuring water hazards in front of the green, and the par-3 18th is a good mid-length par 3 to a bowl green with a pond in front. Unfortunately there are quite a few fairly flat and a little boring holes in between. Having also played Royal Westmoreland, a few miles up the road, I would rate the Green Monkey 1st, Royal Westmoreland 2nd and the Country Club 3rd, and I would advise you to choose them in that order, within budgetary limitations.

Date: January 19, 2011

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