Santapazienza - Brazil

Santapazienza Golf Club,
13250 Itatiba,

  • + 55 11 3861 5151

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  • 70 km NW of downtown Sao Paulo

  • Members and their guests only

  • Lisa Petrenko

  • Tom Fazio, Logan Fazio

  • Rick Holanda

The municipality of Itatiba lies to the northwest of the state capital, Sao Paulo. The city is already served by a private member golf club at Quinta da Baroneza but another restricted golf facility debuted in 2015 which, if anything, is even more exclusive.

Several years in the making, the course at Santapazienza Golf Club was built on a property owned by a developer, who called in Tom Fazio and his son Logan to design their first South American layout within an enormous, densely forested estate.

According to Tom Fazio: “The land is spectacular, with water features, great trees and big elevation changes. We were given the freedom to explore ways to maximize the potential of the land and… I believe we have created a golf experience unlike any in the world.”

The Fazios certainly pulled out all the stops to make this layout as visually pleasing as possible. For instance, standing on the 217-yard 3rd tee, your eye is drawn to the stream that spills over little waterfalls to the right of the putting surface, before it empties into the lake that fronts the green.

After putting out at the par four 5th, the cart path to the next tee heads straight towards a lake – which seems at first like a disaster waiting to happen – but a sturdy causeway continues just below the surface, giving other golfers the impression that you’re driving on water! This is just one of example of the extraordinary lengths the Fazios and the owner have taken to hide Santapazienza's cart paths.

On the back nine, the 212-yard 12th is probably the most memorable par three on the card. Here, the tee shot drops almost 100 feet from the teebox, across a ravine to a split level raised green that tapers to the left, with a front bunker adding further protection on that side of the hole.

The round at Santapazienza ends with a strong downhill par four, where the tree-lined fairway plunges to the right off the tee. A lake also threatens on the right and an enormous bunker guards the left of the hole so be sure to aim straight and true to avoid both sand and water at the home hole.

Following the acquisition of new land, the club is currently undergoing significant changes under Logan Fazio’s guidance. Three new holes are being built and a further five will be rerouted. Work should be completed late 2020 as the club aims to host the Faldo World Championship final in 2021.

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Description: Several years in the making, Tom and Logan Fazio designed the course at Santapazienza Golf Club (their first South American ensemble) and it’s laid out within an enormous, densely forested estate. Rating: 9.6 out of 10 Reviews: 5
Bob McCoy

Santapazienza is the ultimate “estate course” with only two members and play only from their guests. In addition to having the course to ourselves, another plus was how quiet it was throughout the course. I was recalling similar very quiet play at Redtail Golf Course in the farm fields of Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada. Redtail is another course with only two members.

Santapazienza has creeks, waterfalls, lakes, forests, and mountain backdrops. It is 7,264 yards par 72. The scale of the course is big – large, deep bunkers (63 in total) and mammoth greens. The course is a tale of two topographies: the front side relatively flat, the back side extremely steep. The front nine is somewhat open with some trees bordering each hole. It also does have some up and down movement. After a level start, the back nine has severe elevation changes with holes cut through dense forests (jungle comes to mind). It is a fairly compact front nine and quite spread out back nine.

There is a lot of water in play – 12 holes to be exact (seven on the front and five on the back). The massive greens average 44 yards in depth. The longest is 62 yards deep (hole 17) and five more stretch to over 50 yards. My only criticism of the course design is too many two tiered greens (seven to be exact). Some of the slopes are severe.

Tom Fazio is famous for doing everything possible to hide the view of cart paths. He has been known to blow up newly-constructed cart paths because he did not like their look. On the front nine at Santapazienza a large lake, bordered by a dense forest on one side, presented a really challenging cart path visualization obstacle. Paulo came up with the unique solution pictured below. Just below the water surface concrete runways were built so golf carts could be driven through the water for several hundred feet. There is the illusion of driving on water. The Malzoni’s call these causeways “Jesus Bridges.” After all these years and playing 1,170 courses, this cart path arrangement was a first and really ingenious.

Another neat Fazio story here is the request for more land to accommodate the 3rd tee. Paulo bought five additional acres that included a rundown church. He is now spending a considerable sum of money to totally refurbish the church. Thus the 3rd tee might be the most expensive in the world.

Santapazienza is certainly world-class and a tribute to the excellent taste of the Malzoni family.

The Odyssey

December 30, 2020
8 / 10
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Jim McCann

It’s so hard to separate the fantastic overall playing experience from the course itself but the best way I can try to do that is ask myself the question I posed when I first played a truly private course twelve years ago: “if you strip away all the ancillary attractions, does the course itself stand up on its own merits?” And, just as I thought at that time (Loch Lomond in 2008), the answer for Santapazienza is the same; a resounding “yes”.

The Malzoni family estate near São Paulo is off the charts: from the accommodation to the clubhouse to the wonderful hospitality offered by the father and son partnership who own and run the place – both of these guys seem to live only for golf, creating the most relaxed (and surprisingly unassuming) atmosphere in which to play the game. Alex Vasarhelyi, David Davis and Javier Pintos have already posted about playing here in earlier reviews and I can merely endorse every word that was written about their on- and off-course observations.

David, who’s been around a bit during his successful quest to play the World Top 100, says “Santpazienza may be the golf adventure of a lifetime.” Javier, another well-travelled golfer, describes playing here as “the highest challenge I have faced on greens beside Pine Valley, Winged Foot and Cypress Point,“ while Top 100’s man in Brazil, Alex, thinks “this is a masterpiece, not because it doesn’t have one weak hole but more importantly because it doesn’t have a signature hole (as) there are at least five suspects fighting for that honor.”

I was excited to be playing only my second ever Tom Fazio design (after Waterville in Ireland) and, in truth, it surpassed all my expectations. I knew it took more than five years to construct, though this was not a continuous timeframe due to visa/work permit restrictions for the Fazio team, but when I saw for myself the demanding topography for some of the holes, I could understand why this wasn’t by any means a quick build.

The Malzonis had already fashioned a course of sorts in the early 1990s and some of their original ideas on the front nine are incorporated into the new Fazio layout, providing a nice link between the past and the present. Getting to the next tee on the front nine lake holes and reaching the fairways on the higher ground in the middle of the back nine was a real challenge, requiring quite a bit of “thinking outside the box” and the way to achieve both objectives is nothing short of amazing, involving a sunken cart path below water level on the former and a trestled cart path up through the rainforest for the latter!

The scale of the layout is quite astounding, with huge greens and absolutely massive bunkers built in proportion to the dimensions of the holes as they’re laid out on the landscape. One thing’s for sure, if you’re looking for a minimalist design that sits quietly on the land then Santapazienza isn’t going to cut it for you. Tom Fazio is well known (and, let’s be honest, much maligned by some) for the emphasis he places on aesthetics but when you have a vast estate as big as this then only the bold and the brash will suffice!

The individual holes have been described in the other reviews so I’ll not repeat what’s been said but I’d like to add a few of my own brief comments.

I really loved the par three 3rd, not only because it’s a visually stunning downhill short hole played over water with a waterfall to the right of the green, but the story behind the back tee is even better – a little portion of the adjacent land belonging to the local parish was desired for a “championship” tee position so the diocese sold it to the Malzonis and they, in gratitude, are now completely restoring the church, externally and internally, for the parishioners.

Similarly, they were in the midst of building a 4.5-kilometre 4-lane road next to their property before presenting it to the local council to maintain, in order to help traffic flow in the area. This upgrade in local infrastructure, like the church repairs, wasn’t mentioned to me as a boast or a brag – I had to drag it out of them and insist on seeing both projects – but as tangible expressions of the family acting as good neighbours, rather than a cold, private concern that doesn’t care what happens outside the walls of its estate.

On the back nine, the 12th hole is easily the most spectacular par three I’ve ever played, starting with the buggy ride up through the trees along a winding wooden structure that somehow brings you out to a tee box from where you play your tee shot a hundred foot down to a shallow, two-tiered green on the other side of a deep ravine… then you have a similar buggy ride up to the 13th tee! It’s not golf as you’d know it normally, instead it’s as unique a passage of play (and routing of a golf hole) as you’ll ever encounter on any course anywhere.

Incredibly, for an architect with so many golfing layouts gracing the charts down the years, Santapazienza is currently the only Tom Fazio design to occupy a position in our World Top 100, now that both Wade Hampton and Waterville dropped out during the last chart revision (joining Shadow Creek which departed in 2016). It’ll be interesting to see how this Brazilian beauty fares in the rankings in times to come but, for now, it basks in the glory of being South America’s only representative in the global golf listings.

Jim McCann

May 18, 2020
10 / 10
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Javier Pintos

Little I knew about Santapazienza until maybe 2 years ago when I was mentioned the course and how good it was. Since then I tried to inform myself as best as possible in order to have an answer when people asked about it.

And some time like 5 months ago my good friend DD told me there was an invite to play the course and that I had to be ready to fly from Buenos Aires for a couple of days. Finally the dates came in Late March this year but as some of the guys were heading to Buenos Aires after this visit and I was taking care of them, it was a flash visit I did to this Holy Place. Flew on a Wednesday early morning arriving to Sao Paulo Santapazienza Golf Course - Photo by reviewer 10am and after a 1.5hrs drive directly into the heart of the jungle and something really special was about to be experienced. It was three 18 holes rounds and one extra 9 holes (front loop) in 30 hours. But it is not tough or slow when you have the entire course for yourself and friends.

I was treated so well from beginning to end that I could not be more thankful of the owners and their entire crew who made me fell at home and very comfortable. Arrival and dropping my stuff at my room was the first step, at a very charming room in this big house facing from way up the 16th green and from where you could create a 250yds par 3 to that green, which I hope to try to hit next visit! An excellent home made meal, nothing extravagant but extremely tasteful with my good friends and then directly to the course for a 18 holes round from the blue tees (6700yds aprox). After we finished, DD and me went for an extra 9 on the front from the white tee boxes (6300).

Dinner was shared with the owners and the rest of the team, 8 of us enjoying fabulous pasta, salad, great wine and even better desert. And of course, golf was the central part of the talk from beginning to end. It was a continued chat way after dinner where we all shared our previous experiences and first impressions on this Gem by Tom Fazio.

The following morning breakfast was served at the Club House (description to come later) before another 18 from the Blues. Quick lunch, another 18 from the Black with DD (painful loss 1 down to tie the series here 1-1-1), quick shower, 2hr drive to Airport and fly back home. It was that fast and intense, playing a lot of golf but trying to see every corner of the course and the property, which has another nice house at the back of 10th green (which plays very much the same as 11th at ANGC).

First of all lets describe the Club House, wide open overlooking 9th green and 1st hole in a caribbean sort of design, with a nice bar, some tables inside and others outside, a lot of books (about golf of course) and some very nice memorabilia including a framed pin of the 2000 US Open won by this big guy named Tiger and with an original signature of every previous US Open winner including my local Hero Angel “El Pato” Cabrera, simply magical! The locker room and showers are something alike the US Private Courses, special, not too big but with extreme good taste, some nice pics and paintings, a couple of golf sets beside the Manager’s desk and the Carts house and storage.

There are 2 religious stories on this course:

The Jesus Bridge: car paths going 10cms Santapazienza Golf Course - Photo by reviewer below water level. How about this? Yes, it was the owner’s idea after Fazio said he wanted no car paths on sight and the idea came from the guy who called the Carts company to make sure there was no potential damage to the carts and then it was made real. If you are far from the water, it looks like carts are literally riding over water like Jesus 2000 years back!

The Church on the back on 2nd green and 3rd tees. It had to be purchased to the Vatican in order to build the back tee of the third hole and restored when Fazio made the plans and now remains a very special place in the property.

As for the Course, DD gave a great detail in his review of each of them so will try to tell how I saw them and their difference from each tee:

Hole 1: a great starter, dogleg left with high “Caña de Azucar” on the left and a tricky green. The different tees will allow a different approach shot, the longer you go off the tee the safest second shot from the fairway without needing to go over the cañas. A great starter. Better be on the right side of the fairway!

Hole 2: a long straight 4 with another tricky green, the different tees just allow you a shorter iron, hole doesn’t change much apart from yardage.

Hole 3: the first special feature with a VERY long green (3-4 clubs distance) and together with using different tees, I hit from 9 iron to 4 iron. And the first “Path of Christ”, the car path beneath the water aparenting you are riding on water.

Hole 4: a middle lenght par5 with a small green where again distance was the difference between a 3 shots hole and a dangerous go for it one.

Hole 5: the first special one, a short 4 over the lake with the chance to go for it. From the back I have no chance but driving it to 40yds, from blue it was a high cut with the driver over the green and from the white the same with the 3 wood. But … it is not easy, if you miss short is wet, and on both sides and over just needing your best short game magic to another slopy green. Even the lay up is not easy, narrow and with bunkers, a true example where difficulty doesn’t come together with lenght.

First rest for a nice little half way and drink a cocout juice directly from the Coconut!

Hole 6: lake on the left side to a small green with water short, left and long. It played into the strong wind both dayss and the back tee made it driver/4-iron! A nice green divided in 2 sides where if in the wrong one it would be an uphill/downhill putt. One of the most creative holes where a big bunch of white birds come to rest every afternoon to make it a very nice picture.

Hole 7: another “path of Christ”, longer about 200yds to get to the tee with the “Suggestions Mailbox” in the middle of the lake. A short 5 with a 2 platforms green reachable even from the back tees starting a stretch of 3 good chances of birdie.

Hole 8: a short downhill 4, where Santapazienza Golf Course - Photo by reviewer avoiding fairway bunkers is the clue. Another tough green to read and execute.

Hole 9: This is ANGC 6th hole reflected on a side mirror, having the high little platform on the left end. From 7 to 9 iron, another good birdie chance before a stop at the Club House for fruit, drinks and a snack.

Hole 10: ANGC’s 11th but instead of a small pond by the green, it is all along the left side. The tee shot from the black tee is frightening! A green breaking from right to left, huge and where something longer than 30 feet is in the 3 putts range.

Hole 11: my nemesis, it killed me. There is almost no difference between the 3 different tees, you go over water which is not really in play but jungle on the left, water all over the right, a second uphill long shot to the toughest green on the course … too much! The first day I was putting uphill from 30 feet short of the hole and the ball ended 20 yards pass me shorter!! Just a couple more inches would have been a great par, it was just a good bogey after all!

Hole 12: another amazing one, shallow and wide green with tee box elevated 30mts from the green. Anything not in the green will battle a bogey to this demanding putting surface. Just 200yds which really play maybe 25% shorter due to the drop from the tee box.

Hole 13: a great 4 starts flying 180yds to carry the jungle to an elevated green. Anything long is death penalty.

Hole 14: a reachable 5 which played into the wind so not really this time to a huge and long green where DD holed from 120yds for birdie and stealing me a sure win hole! A massive cross bunker on the right side with a very high edge, if you go there it is a ly up and long third shot.

Hole 15: due to modern technology “long” par 5s had to be extended and this went a lot further with 680yds although from the tee box to the fairway the drop is again 30-40mts at least. A very nice 3 shots one with the toughest part on the second shot where the fairway gets narrow with bunkers on the left and water on the right, big big green where the pin position sets an extra challenge.

And now the final 3, where you can have birdies or double digits depending on pins and your strategy.

Hole 16: a short 3 if the pin is in the front, 2-3 more clubs if it is back. A sort of opposite Redan green breaking from front left to back right, with water Santapazienza Golf Course - Photo by reviewer and 2 big bunkers in front. It is one of those greens where you can land an iron 10mts short and let her roll to the hole. One of the ones where shot making hability will give you a better chance.

Hole 17: from the back it is a 420 monster uphill to a severe green with a huge bunker on the right side. The first 10mts of the green are false, everything will roll back 30yds (it happened twice!) and then a back portion of the green over the bunker that gives you some fun pin positions as well. My favourite designed one, by far.

Hole 18: a Cypress Point feeling, where they say 18th is the weakest hole, although I love it. I believe this is too unfair as it is what the piece of land allows. An elevated tee to a small landing area with bunkers on left and water on the right and in front of the green. You can go for it from blue or whites, not from back for sure! For match play it is an amazing final hole, I had everything from birdie to double.

A very nice touch from the owner to allow us experiencing the course in its full dimension was having different pin positions at each round. With some huge greens and anothers with different platforms, it definitely has a lot different to offer from the course set up point of view.

Greens of tifway grass with grain and against the grain efect were extremely tough to read but it was the best part of my game as I have played in that grass for the last 20 years at my home course Golf Club Argentino. All the same they were so fast! Downhill you can think of only nightmares, the highest challenge I have faced on greens beside Pine Valley, Winged Foot and Cypress Point.

Fairways tifeagle bermuda kept as carpets. Of course, there is little play but all the same it was as pure as maybe a US Open or The Masters can give you in terms of quality grass.

And bunkers with sand of the highest quality, just as good as you can expect as a challenge Santapazienza Golf Course - Photo by reviewer because you needed sometimes to spin the ball and others to make it run, so a very fun detail about playing it.

Finally, the truest Gem of this place is the Garage. I am not a great knower of race and collection cars but I understand quite a bit and what I saw there is just amazing. Many cars which had been famous in the past parked there for you to get marvelled to see them. There is one guy in charge of cleaning, taking care and riding them every now and then. For guys who love old fashioned cars, this is even nicer than a visit to Augusta National, trust me!

It was a great experience, not just playing golf but also learning from the story from the owners about how Santapazienza became what it is including the name, which comes from the family father Paulo Sr who used to say “Santapazienza!!”. This place is unique, a well deserved Top 100 golf course who every years hosts the Faldo Series in Brazil, maybe top 15 in maintenance and hosted by 2 guys who are as devoted as you can imagine for golf and its heritage.

April 23, 2019
10 / 10
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David Davis

Up until now I’d have to admit that when I thought about Brazil, let alone South America, the last thing that came to my mind would be golf. However, as with most ideas in time they grow and change. Little did I know that one of my greatest golf experiences would come from this beautiful country known for football, carnival, the Amazon and samba.

Santapazienza may well be the golf adventure of a lifetime. It all starts with an hour long ride through the rolling hills of the Brazillian countryside from the hustle and bustle of down town Saõ Paulo. Arriving at the entrance the iconic gate is the first thing to welcome you. An interesting story; the gate was purchased by a young man on a whim with the hopes of someday being able to find a fitting place for it. Rightly so it now serves as the club logo.

Once at the clubhouse you really start to understand what level of love and passion has gone into this amazing place. One might expect pure decadence, as can be found in many wealthy clubs around the world, however, quite the opposite is true. This clubhouse feels more like walking into someone’s home, everything revolving around golf and every piece collected over the years. The Golf Channel playing on the TV (of course) and various elegant and cozy sitting areas, including a square shaped bar similar to what one might find in a relaxing environment at a beach resort. The climate allows the walls to be open unveiling a view of the first hole and other parts of the front 9. The atmosphere is that of the most relaxing and mesmerizing silence and tranquility you can experience.

Like no other golf course Santapazienza has been built to coincide and in many ways safeguard the wild life within the property. For example, there are no signs of cart paths. These have been worked away out of the view of the golfer completely in a fashion never seen before on a golf course. Starting with what are being called “Jesus bridges” on the front 9. This brilliant idea links holes together by running the cart paths under water, just enough to allow them to remain out of view and give the carts the impression they are driving on top of the water. When not driving on water the carts are taken through elaborate tunnels built under the landscape and hidden away from view. Cart paths that bridge the gap between the 12th and 13th holes and the 13th and 14th holes highlight the back 9. These gaps take the golfer straight into the rain forest. In what feels like a Disneyland ride the carts drive across wooden elevated bridges built to coincide with the nature by being raised to a point that all the animals and wildlife can easily make their way under. The feeling is as though nature was completely untouched by the cart paths.

The golf course itself is in every way a masterpiece and from the beginning it’s clear to see that it’s been a labor of love and passion every step of the way. Most courses are built with restraints ranging from political to environmental to those placed on the architects from developers and owners. Santapazienza may well be one of the only, if not the only, purely blank canvas that has been given on such an amazing site. The benefactors of this gift were none other than Tom and Logan Fazio. Having fallen in love with the place and the people involved they spent more than 5 years building what they believe to be their holy grail of golf. From my perspective it would be hard to argue against that even with great courses like Wade Hampton and Shadow Creek lining the family resume.

The Fazio’s are known for moving a lot of dirt in order to make courses fit perfectly into their own view and in most cases for designing courses that reside in real estate developments. That is not the case at Santapazienza where a father and son, the Malzoni family have realized this dream. It is not a club that will ever have members, there are no houses being sold here. It’s their back yard and their getaway from the hustle, bustle and stress of daily life and one of the largest cities in the world. In that sense it cannot really be called a golf club but perhaps better a private golf course.

The front 9 at Santapazienza has a considerable amount of water with lakes running through the property. Starting with a beautiful medium length par 4 with a slight dogleg left. A solid drive up the right side affords the golfer with a short iron approach to tricky raised green protected by a huge bunker on the front right side.

The second hole is an early and stern test, a long par 4 requiring a solid drive and a long iron to hybrid for the approach. Number 3 is the Santapazienza Golf Course - Photo by reviewer first hole that flirts with the lake, an idealistic one shotter requiring a carry over the lake to a green with a waterfall and stream running on the right side. Interestingly enough for the weaker golfer there is a safe route to the right that allows the possibility to play the hole avoiding most of the water.

The Fazio’s followed a couple of well thought out principles at this course. One was that they wanted the golfer to see the entire hole from the tee box. The other which is quite unique in my experience is that they built the course with 4 sets of tees from various lengths allowing the differing levels of golfers very different views and essentially different holes to play. The pro level back tees take on significant carries and offer constant and direct confrontation with the courses hazards. Other tees completely change the view and playing angles allowing for slightly more realistic challenges for each level.

The 4th hole is a downhill par 5. This one is reachable with two excellent shots. The green is smaller than most here and heavily undulated. Number 5 is the first short risk reward par 3. A drivable hole for longer hitters who are willing to take on the 260+ yd carry to the green. The safer route requires a choice of various options played to the left of and around the water to a small green that rewards a tee shot hit as close to the water as possible. After the 5th hole the golfer can take a quick pit stop at a cute little hut for some fresh coconut milk, fruit or other snacks.

This hopefully prepares them mentally for the challenging 6th hole. This slight dogleg left has a lake all the way down the left hand side, bunkers guard the right making for the most daunting tee shot on the front 9. A strong drive allows a very testing approach with a mid to short iron to a green protected by water left and a strategically placed bunker.

The reachable par 5, 7th runs uphill to a small elevated green. The tee shot is quite a test if you want to attempt going at it in two. Large bunkers flank the fairway on either side but the hole allows safety in a shorter tee shot that would render this a 3 shotter.

The 8th hole is a par 4 running back down toward the lake and clubhouse. An exacting tee shot will leave an exacting approach to one of the most undulated and smallest greens on the course.

Santapazienza Golf Course - Photo by reviewer The 9th hole, a mid length par 3 playing uphill, is flanked down the right side by a waterfall and stream. Another beautiful hole that brings you back to the clubhouse to finish the front nine.

The back 9 starts off along the lake before climbing up through the rainforest into the mountains. The par 4 10th is one of the tougher holes on the course. The tee shot has cape hole characteristics and the closer you play to the water the better your angle of approach. The fairway is deceptively massive with tons of space for safe play but this will significantly increase the length of the approach which is long even with a solid drive. Then green is accepting of a long approach even allowing for a run up. This may well be the largest green up till this point on the course.

At this point it’s well worth noting that Santapazienza is one of the best maintained courses I’ve ever seen. It would not be an unfair comparison to suggest it has Augusta like maintenance in terms of the level of perfection. The greens are literally perfect and among the best maintained I’ve ever played. Undulations are perfect and not overdone.

The owners have done several things here that I highly commend and would consider refreshing compared to many similar stories. First of all they let the architects do their work to create this masterpiece. Secondly they made sure to not cut any corners in terms of the build up, drainage, bunker and green creation. It’s all been built for the future with sustainability in mind, for example bunkers requiring minimum maintenance and being able to withstand copious amount of rainfall in short periods of time without washing out. The second night of my stay it rained in biblical proportions (35 mm), I was certain that no golf would be possible for the next days, even taking the most positive outlooks. The rain stopped at 8 am and by 10 am the course was dry. I wouldn’t have believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes.

Moving back to the course tour, the par 4 11th hole works its way up the mountain towards the rainforest.

At this point the routing has the first significant challenge in the form of the need to work its way up the mountain to the 12th hole. This was a really tough section to route the course through and while the course is certainly walkable this amazing walk through the rainforest is very hard work for even the fittest golfer. Compare the climb to that of the one between the 13th and 14th at Bandon Trails. If a large event was ever held here they would most likely shuttle people up between the 11th and 12th and on to the 13th hole.

The wonderful but tough walk is rewarded with one of the most spectacular drop shot par 3 holes on the planet. Once you catch your breath you realize your knees are shaking while you try to pull of this awesome 190 yd shot to a long thin green moving right to left away from the line of play and protected by a massive bunker middle left.

Having successfully manoeuvred the 12th the golfer ventures back into the rain forest for yet one more climb. The par 4 13th awaits and what a Santapazienza Golf Course - Photo by reviewer spectacular hole it is. The back 9 really is spectacular offering up one breathtaking tee shot after another. The tee shot requires a solid drive and a choice from a two-tiered fairway. The high side is slightly longer but affords a better view of the green. The low side may allow for a shorter approach but requires you to take on one of the largest fairway bunkers you may ever see. It also requires a tricky semi-blind approach over a huge green side bunker left of middle.

The par 5, 14th offers up an amazing view from the tee, don’t forget to Santapazienza Golf Course - Photo by reviewer look back out over the valley. It’s highlighted by a tricky drive with another incredible bunker (in terms of scale and size) on the right side. Longer hitters can take on the bunker to receive a huge extra kick down the hill behind it. This can allow for a chance to reach the green in two. For the rest of us the second shot requires very exacting placement in-between bunkers and over a small valley. The best angle of approach requires taking on the fairway bunker on the left side. Play right for more space and what feels like a safer second shot but be careful as the fairway falls away to the right side.

The 15th brings us to the highest point on the course and provides the most spectacular view of the valley below with a river running right to Santapazienza Golf Course - Photo by reviewer left down the valley. The tee shot on this par 5 has a massive elevation drop and gives the feeling you can hit the longest drive of your life. Another incredible bunker flanks the right side of the fairway and requires a shot of about 350 yds to carry. If successful it may be possible to reach this green in two. Most likely the player is faced with a downhill second shot that requires careful placement based on the pin position. Right must be avoided as the fairway drops off to the river. The green is protected by a large front bunker that can be avoided right and left.

The par3 16th is the final spectacular par 3 on the course with Santapazienza Golf Course - Photo by reviewer one of the biggest greens which is a severe two-tiered green that has a reverse Redan aspect to it. The green plays around a giant bunker and requires a solid carry to reach. The high side and front of the green then drops steeply and moves from left to the large lower tier on the right. It’s a great 3 offering up many options from the tee, especially for middle and back pin positions.

The 17th is an awesome par 4 and perhaps my favorite on the course. Santapazienza Golf Course - Photo by reviewer Again what immediately hits you on the tee is the huge scale of the bunkers and some natural massive rocks scattered around. This hole plays up hill and requires a solid drive and an equally strong approach to reach in two. The green works its way up and around the large green side bunker. The back right pin position is extremely tough to get at.

Finally, the par 4, 18th offers yet another spectacular view of this dogleg right drop shot hole. As this hole is short the tee shot makes you decide Santapazienza Golf Course - Photo by reviewer between a variety of options starting with going for the green. Other options would be to take on the lake and right side fairway bunker to afford a short iron approach. It’s also possible to hit an iron and a mid-iron into the green. Taking on the fairway bunker and lake requires an exacting shot as another huge and wonderfully shaped bunker flanks the left side of the fairway. The final approach into this two-tiered green that wraps around a middle greenside bunker is very tricky and the pin position should certainly determine the tee shot. The lake surrounds the low side.

Santapazienza is a truly wonderful golf course and on top of that as an experience one of the best I have ever had. It is a true labor of love not only from the Fazio’s but also from the family that owns it, the realization of a long-term dream that will only get better over time as the facilities expand with the moving of the entry road to allow for ideal usage of the other portion of the property.

October 31, 2017
10 / 10
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Length – 6.724 Course Rating – 72,7 Slope Rating - 135 Walkability – Hard What golfer has never dreamt about building a golf course where he could invite friends to share his passion for the game? In my dreams I would build a links style course with fescue defending the fairways and tricky greens.

Santapazienza is the result of a similar dream combined with a good piece of land and a great architect. What started with a course good enough for most mortals took epic proportions with the arrival on the scene of the legendary architect Tom Fazio.

Santapazienza starts flat with beautiful lakes contouring large fairways and undulated greens. That suddenly changes when the course moves to the top of the mountains via a wood bridge carved in the middle of a small jungle. In my opinion, one of the hardest things in golf is to combine holes with very different patterns without losing the rhythm and consistency. In this case, it is fair to say that Mr. Fazio not only succeeded in the task but also created a course that grows in intensity culminating in the heroic last hole where an accurate driver is the difference between an easy birdie and a double bogey.

It is easy to say that this is a masterpiece, not because it doesn´t have one weak hole but more importantly because it doesn´t have a signature hole, there are at least five suspects fighting for that honor. So let me try to describe my favorites.

The second hole is a majestic 440 yards par four that will require two good shots to reach the green. For me this is a great way to start a round, it will warm you up, stretch your muscles and help to keep your blood pumping. The first par three has a forced carry over a lake and a cascading stream defending the right side of the green. It´s hard to believe that this is the second prettiest par three on the front. The seventh is a par five reachable in two with a 45 yards green protected by huge bunkers. Big greens and huge bunkers are the norm in the first nine and they get even bigger on the second half.

The most dramatic par three is number 12. You play from an elevated tee through a valley covered with trees, you will be lucky if the flag is not positioned on the left side of the green where a small plateau guarded by another huge bunker can make this hole a true test of golf. Now that you are in the top of the mountains enjoy the view and relax because you will need your energy for the longest par five on the course number 15. Even with a tee box 50 yards higher than the fairway this 657 yards hole, with OB on the left and water on the right, will require three good shots to reach the green. If you are able to do that don’t relax because this is not an easy green. Number 16 is one of the most intelligent par 3s that I ever played, with an extremely large and down sloping green this par 3 will play easier if the pin is in the back. With the pin in front you will need to control your distance or you can end up with a 150 feet up hill put. To be honest, in this situation a 3 putts bogey would be excellent.

The heroic finishing hole is not one of my favorites but it is impossible not to mention it. Playing over a 50 yards downhill this par 4 is protected by a lake on the right and an immense and intimidating bunker on the left, the green wraps around a front center bunker and the right side of the green is perched above the pond. This will be a finishing hole you surely won´t forget.

Santapazienza is one of those courses that keeps you dreaming about playing again and again.

March 13, 2016
10 / 10
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