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I have played Saunton East from time to time over the past 25 years, and each time I come back I am reminded what a fabulous test of golf it is.Two points I wanted to add not covered in the reviews below. The first is that yes, there are 13 par fours, but look at the range of yardages and you will see that you have to play every club in the bag, even on a still day - 337, 362, 370, 380, 392, 402, 408, 414, 428, 434, 441, 455, 478. Secondly, I played last Saturday as a visitor in a club Stableford - I was playing with and introduced by a member, but the third member of our three ball was a total "roll-up". So it seems that anyone with a handicap certificate can get the chance to play a competitive round off the back tips (yup, the full blue tees at 6779 yards), a real thrill. Mind you, it acts as a stern reminder that, even on a still day in March with not much growth in the rough, when faced with a proper championship links at full yardage you may not be quite as good a player as you think you are. But it's yet another reason to make the pilgrimage beyond Barnstaple and I am certain you won't regret it

Date: March 20, 2011

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