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Seacroft, best described as a thorn between two roses! The two roses being infact Skegness!

I'd imagine it's the only top 100 golf course without a car park but this traditional golf club is a very interesting place. Placed on a very narrow strip of land walking straight through the gates under the arch into the club, it's easy to judge and think it's just a regular local club.

The club was friendly and we pretty much had the course to ourselves on a weekday in March. It's a very traditional links course with the 'car park' of sorts only at the other end of the course. (1.75 miles away)

Even in March, I thought the greens were in great condition, not incredibly fast but as you would expect them. The greens are really a great part of the course. Some good blind tee shots which aren't as scary as they look. Not many stand out holes to report of but some good par 5's which are definitely scoreable.

Overall on balance, I think it deserves a spot in the top 100, there are a few courses ranked lower I think deserve a spot above (like Sheringham) but I can see why it's included.

Date: February 18, 2020

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