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Skegness. I know you are thinking Lou & Andy from Little Britain and over-sized northerners in static caravans. Well you’re wrong because it hosts a great golf course. Forget North Shore much-beloved of Captain’s Weekends from down-market Midlands golf clubs, Seacroft is a real hidden gem. It’s hard to find amongst the seaside houses but your search will be well rewarded. The clubhouse is a bit like an old-fashioned Bowls club’s but is very user-friendly. The club is traditional but not stuffy or formal and the staff very friendly. We played as a fourball and teed off after a nice lunch. There was no-one else on the course! The greens and bunkers were in absolute top class condition. The fairways were struggling a bit due to the dry weather but played fair. We all decided that there wasn’t a poor hole on the course. There’s no point giving you all the details just play it but the highlight hole was the 8th where you have to drive over the adjacent road. One of our party thought he was Ben Hogan and tried to aim over it and draw it back. He plays golf like Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee) and it soared straight out of bounds. If you are a low capper and looking for a real test then (as one reviewer states) head for Hunstanton or Brancaster but if you’ve got a life and do other things other than play golf then this will present a challenge and give you a great afternoon’s entertainment for £45.

Date: June 15, 2011

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