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3 months ago I had the happy idea of contacting a friend to see if playing Seminole was possible. It seems I took the correct path because 2 months ago we got the confirmation of an unaccompanied foursome for May 7th which is "easier" is easy is a word we can use because it is almost the end of the season.

All these last two months it was just planning and viewing what this day could be. I was excited like a child with a new toy, it is not always you are allowed to the #1 Course in Florida. And the foursome was one of the big moments : Paco Aleman (ESPN Latinamerica Golf Broadcaster and former South American Champion), Andy Schonbaum (AAG President) and Roberto Benito (one of the best amateurs Argentina has produced), so sharing a round with these 3 makes it even better.

Seminole Golf Course - Photo by reviewer

I arrived the day before to Jupiter and played Johnatan´s Landing Fazio Course (a very nice test under some 30km/h winds) and that night we had dinner at The Woods (Tiger's Restaurant) where of course golf was the main topic!

We had a tee time at 11am and arrived to the Club 10:30am. The first moment is already shocking as everybody knows you are going, the bag drop and the set up of the golf game. Then you are led to the Locker Room ... WOW!! The boards and the winners, the trophies, the books, everything is more than you can expect. Change your shoes and be ready for the game.

A short visit to the proshop to view and see what to buy and then to the practice range. I had one of the best pre game sessions of my lije, but as in Pine Valley then the game did not appear until 13th, scoring -1 in the last 5 holes. Some putting green and to the course.

It would be not fun to detail every shot I made, but I will try to describe the best shots of the course.

Uphill approach to #2 is really tough, pin was long and green is huge. Everything that goes past the hole will be terrifying fast.

Tee shot at #3 downhill and with the chance to cut line is where long hitters have a small advantage.

Par 3 #5 is one of the closest holes to Pinehurst #2, a 170yds shot where holding the ball on the green is extremely tough.

Second shot at #6 can be really short and at the same way tough, green looks level but if missing on the wrong side, God help you.

Seminole Golf Course - Photo by reviewer

Hole #11 plays similar to #2, with a nice carry over the water with the driver. Then from tee #12 you have a nice view of the Ocean.

Par 5 #14 is a great risk/reward hole, you have to get by plane, the car will stop always on the bunkers.

Par 5 #15 is one of the 2 best holes on the course (My only birdie!), where 3 bunkers split the fairway in 2 and if you go over the water on the right side you may get home in 2 (I did not!). And then #16 is another risk/reward tee shot. Par 3 #17 was downwind and holding the ball was almost impossible, I hit a nice flop short from the green and made a nice par.

PAr 4 #18 is nothing too special, but a brave driver over the sand will lead you to a much easier and shorter shot.

We won the match 4/3 where Mr Benito played a solid round to his current 10 handicap and after shaking hands we all smiled having experienced a real special golf day.

Unfortunately pics are not allowed, so I won't be able to share some with the readers. All I have to say is Seminole was really worth it.

Then we spent some time at the proshop and a relaxing shower at the Locker Room, the shower is stronger than the heaviest rain you have been exposed to.

It is special. It is charming. Coore/Crenshaw have taken it back to original Ross design. Club House is all you have heard of and more. We saw the results of the Coleman Cup where Steve HAgestad (Low Amateur at The Masters scored 71-69-78 to finish 4th place). It would be nice to be admitted once to play this Tournament!!!

Date: May 10, 2017

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