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Shadow Creek was the vision of casino magnate Steve Wynn, who acquired a flat, 300-acre tract of desert to the north of Las Vegas in the mid-1980s then brought in Tom Fazio to fashion a high-end golfing oasis for his resort guests, spending around $50 million to create the top manufactured golf course in all of America – take a look via google maps if you‘re in any doubt about how differently this layout looks in relation to its immediate surroundings.

Fazio’s huge budget allowed him to move millions of cubic yards of dirt to build hills, creeks, lakes and ponds, and to plant mature pine trees around and within the property to isolate the holes from one another – and keep the outside world at arm’s length. The entire layout is totally artificial but you would never know, such is the skill with which the whole project was put together.

Darius Oliver had this to say about Shadow Creek in his book Planet Golf USA: “The creation of Shadow Creek reset the benchmarks for modern golf, and it seemed to encourage other developers to throw vast amounts of money at projects in the hope of emulating its success.

Large budgets alone, however, can only guarantee expensive courses; they provide no assurance of quality. Without the assistance of more fertile golfing terrain, the reality is that very few courses built on such barren land will ever match what Steve Wynn and Tom Fazio achieved at Shadow Creek.”

Once the preserve of the limited few, Shadow Creek can now be shared. You’ll need a few dollars, but you’ll start your journey as a guest of the MGM Mirage™ Resort and they’ll rest you overnight in one of their suites and after breakfast you’ll be taken by stretch limo to the course where your caddy will be waiting for you. Sounds yummy eh? Well, we are now frantically saving up.

Shadow Creek opened for play in 1989 and Tom Fazio & Andy Banfield sculptured it out of the rugged Nevada desert. It’s set in the most breathtaking location with the majestic mountains as the backdrop and seeing really is believing. With Bermuda grass summer fairways and winter rye, the playing surfaces are quite stunning throughout the year.

Words don’t do Shadow Creek justice. “Shadow Creek may be the most spectacular golf course this side of heaven” is how the course is lauded in the marketing material. But more importantly, we’d love to hear what you think about the whole Shadow Creek experience.

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Description: Once the preserve of the limited few, Shadow Creek can now be shared. Sculptured by Tom Fazio from the rugged Nevada desert, it’s set in the most breathtaking location. Rating: 8.3 out of 10 Reviews: 12
Robert hill
I had the pleasure of playing this magnificent course as a business/ pleasure trip with 9 of my closest friends. I played the course in April of 2008 and it was in spectacular condition. The entire experience was amazing! We started our journey at the valet of the MGM Grand where our Maybach and limo's were waiting for us. After about a 20 minute drive into the urban sprawl of las Vegas we turned into a gated community with a security guard manning the gate. once the driver told him our names the gates were open and we entered paradise. Every moment of the experience was one to cherish. Our receptionist greeted us at our cars and took our clubs and shoes and told us our clubs will be on our carts and our shoes waiting in the locker room. He also informed us we could have breakfast and take our time as there were only 8 foursomes on the course today and most had already played. We had breakfast overlooking the 18th green and then off we were to the range and the first tee. The course was immaculate, the caddies knew every break in every green and every bump in every fairway. A few times i had to stop and remind myself i was in vegas because from your surroundings it looks like your playing a course in the carolina's somewhere. All in all a fantastic golfing experience and if you have the means and the time i would definately discover the beauty of shadow creek for yourself. you won't regret it!
July 01, 2008
10 / 10
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Andrew Wells
February 25, 2009
Shadow Creek is a must for any golfer who enjoys the finer things of life. The 17th and 18th are two great finishing holes which can totally change your medal card or matchplay game.
Bill Vostniak
It is a monumental course in the history of course construction. It is a well-balanced and enjoyable course except for the over-done stinker that masquerades as a golf hole at #17.It's exclusive, famous and Vegas, it is good architecture, not great, but the experience is one-of-a-kind. My rating is for the architectural merit, not the experience.
October 03, 2006
6 / 10
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Keith Baxter
January 08, 2009
It’s interesting to note that you think 17 is an “over-done stinker” and yet Golf Digest consider it a feature hole in their coffee-table book ‘American Classic Courses’. They say the 17th is “a step into another world. Staring from the tee of this downhill par 3, not only do you believe you are in the barren desert, you’re not sure you’re even on the planet Earth. This is something of a dreamworld, as a choir of imported pine trees accented by a waterfall envelop a tiny green guarded by water and bunkers on all sides. All of this topography was created by Tom Fazio from the flat desert land, an effect Steve Wynn giddily called “an obvious crowd pleaser.” In club history, Wynn says of the 17th, “Had we delivered this kind of treatment too often, it might have been excessive. But it was irresistible to do it once.””
March 24, 2010
I didn't find 17 an "overdone stinker" at all!! It was a great compliment to the 140 yard par 3 on the front nine that played uphill into a very large green. This one was down hill into a very small green. The target is VERY hard to hit on 17 and makes it a great complimentary hole to the other par 3's. Is it too "dressed" up with the water fall in the background? Maybe. I'll accept that...but it is certainly not a "stinker" of a hole.
Bill Vostniak
September 28, 2022

Revisiting my post from my first play, I still can remember 17 - it is memorable, but so was my blind date with ...

Memorable just as balls-to-the-wall hard isn't a good thing in and of itself, hideous is memorable

My opinion of Shadow Creek remains pretty much unchanged, it is now architecturally nothing special, It is a Fazio golf course. He being a man who I directly heard say , proverbially mouth to ear that "There was no golden age of golf architecture", He said he can do whatever he wants (and as long as someone pays him or doesn't stop him - he will.

This course when new was a remarkable effort to satisfy a wealthy man with macular degeneration (special sight deficiency) very costly at the time. Great.

Historically, I suppose if you think that's cool - good for you, but Fazio has proven to not understand golf architecture and show proper respect. He created several visual monstrosities at Pine Valley denigrating the place and it all started here at Shadow Creek.

17 remains a stinker.

Someone here says "This is Fazio at his best" - let's call him a plastic surgeon - if you like that sort of result, great.