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Shattuck Golf Club,
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Every hole is secluded on the layout at the Shattuck Golf Club because forests of oak, birch and pine trees frame the fairways. It’s been described as “18 separate gems strung together in a perfect setting”.

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Description: Every hole is secluded on the layout at the Shattuck Golf Club because forests of oak, birch and pine trees frame the fairways. It’s been described as “18 separate gems strung together in a perfect setting”. Rating: 7 out of 10 Reviews: 1
Doug Roberts

Shattuck is a unique course. It's not often you can play a 6500 yard course with a 150 slope. The course starts with a nice par 4. There is a drop off on the left and a brook out at the 250 area. It is a challenging starter. The 2nd is a down hill par 3 with a kidney shaped green which is maybe the only easy hole on the course. The 3rd goes straight up hill with an area of waste on the left and a very narrow green diagonally shaped right to left. The 4th is a down hill par 4 with a very pronounced waste area on the left and a very narrow fairway with bunkers out to the right. The 5th is one of the holes you will play once and take to your grave. The Gauntlet. You must play this from the back tee to feel the full thrust. It is a narrow launch area to a wide open area but with a 200 yard forced carry. You then have a fairway which tilts slightly left with waste area down the left. Once you have conquered the 2nd shot you are now faced with a green set in a rocky area over a rambling brook with a very long approach. The hole plays over 600 yards from the back tee. The 6th is another par 5. This one is down hill to start with a massive dirt hill on the right and a fairway that ends with waste area which continues right up to the green and another brook just shrt and cutting across. A precise drive with a mid iron lay up will create a short iron approach to a well protected green. The 7th is a par 3 which plays to a green which offers a modest bail out to the right and short and waste area every where else. It plays 170 to 200. The 8th is a par 4 which has a waste area right in front of the tee and requires a forced carry of 170 and then another waste area which comes into play at the 250 area . There is a very narrow area to the left as the waste area is from the fairway center to the right. An approach to the green is made more challenging as there are several trees immediately adjacent to the greens left side. The 9th is a par 4 slight dog leg right up the hill with a waste area to the left. The green is narrow and protected by a few bunkers and is very deep. The 10 is a severe dog leg left. You hit up the hill and must cover over 200 yards to have a view toward the green. The 2nd shot is down a large hill which forms the corner of the dogleg and the green is 175 yards out with a waste area left and right. Be straight and be true to distance. The 11th is a gently sloping right dogleg right. A couple fairway bunkers are present on the left. The green is fronted by a brook and the entire right side from tee to green is waste area with trees demanding you be slightly left to have any angle for an approach. The 12th is a par 3 with a forced carry over a pond from 165 to 200 depending on tee. There is bail out area right but none anywhere else. The 13th is a short par 4. It slides right to left and becomes narrower as you get closer to the green. Fairway bunkers are present to the right. The entire left side is the pond which you played over on 12. The 14th is an almost island green par 3. It is obscure as the woods and vegetation is everywhere though. It can play 120 to 160 depending on tee. It offers no safe area. 15 is a par 5 which requires precise aim. The tee seems open but the waste area out front juts diagonally making the more direct approach toward the green a long carry. Play to the left and 160 carry is ok while going to the right may require a 240 carry. The 2nd shot has about a 20 yard wide area to hit at. The fairway is very narrow with a pond left and a drop off waste area right. The green sits behind the pond and requires a carry over the pond to approach. The green is small and the pond is behind the green as well. The 16th is a straight par 4 with a modest waste area to the left and trees to the right. But it is 50 yards wide and a bunkered green approach. The 17th is a tee shot to a valley fairway which offers some opening to the right and a vast waste area the entire left side tee to green. The tee sits just below green height but the main landing area of the fairway is 30 feet below. You can lay up with a 180 shot and have a 150 in or you can hit driver but there is a rock encrusted hill on the right which can deflect balls. The green is narrow and has a bunker right. The 18th is a slightly down hill dog leg right with a sloping left fairway with trees left and right. The green is well protected with a couple bunkers.

The Shattuck is very scenic laying at the base of Mt Monadnock. It captures all the run off from the mountain so it is normally quite wet/spongy. It's conditioning has been it's difficulty. I have played here since it opened and it has had stretches of difficulty. But it is always fun to play. Bring a lot of balls because you are either in the fairway or lost. Hence the 150 slope for a short course. Literally every shot is a target shot.

December 02, 2019
7 / 10
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