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Sherwood forest, accurately described as 'off the beaten track' is a superb heathland experience on a site of specific interest.

Although the weather wasn't with us, Covid 19 unfortunately was. And this meant the bins and ball washers were out of action, rakes taken away and being warned about touching flag sticks and shaking hands.

All the drama of the 'pandemic' aside, Sherwood Forest doesn't cause any more drama than it needs to. Well designed holes and great undulations combined with some tricky bunkers makes for a great test of golf. It's a very passive course, not many holes I would stand on the tee and 'wow' at but more of a combination of very solid holes which you can really appreciate.

A great view from the clubhouse over 2 tees and 2 greens to watch all the action at the 19th and a great reception. The assistant or shop worker was very friendly, two groups let me (a single player) through with no question and were also very friendly.

I quite like the closing stretch, the last two are scoreable if you can hold your nerve coming to it and the driving range looked to be taking shape nicely.

Overall it deserves to be firmly within the top 100. I'd love to come back and play on a nice summers day, but not before I've given Ganton and Notts a go!

Date: March 19, 2020

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