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Sheshan International Golf Club is a top-notch golf course built on a gentle rolling hill. The punctuating and undulating tree-lined fairways, raised greens, water hazards and bunkers are all strategically placed in order to maximize the challenge. In order to score well on this course, a strong technique and decent course management is necessary. Throughout the course there is a good mix of both easy and difficult holes, ranging from short to long. Right after the course was opened, the Sheshan Golf Club proudly hosted the 2005 & 2006 HSBC Champions in which Tiger Woods came to play. This really helped boost the course’s publicity. Unlike many of the golf courses in Shanghai, which are flat, this golf course moved a total of 2 million square yards of earth and sand in order to create its undulations.

The par 4 550-yard 2nd contains a sharp dogleg that bends towards the right. The tee shot is placed over a creek that guards the left side of the relatively narrow fairway. An accurate tee shot is necessary in order to avoid the row of six bunkers that are all lined up on the right side of the hole. In addition, the creek that is on the left hand side eventually leads into a lake that sits near the end of the hole. This will give the players some pressure on their second and third shorts.

The very short par 4 288-yard 16th is superb. The tee shot will hover over a body of water, bushes a large front bunker, and two back bunkers that are all strategically placed over the course of 250 yards. It is very tempting for long hitters to try to hit the green with one shot but players must be careful, as the green is small and surround by hazards. Therefore, at the tee ground, players must make a decision whether go for the green or a lay-up. It is said that Tiger Woods played this hole cleverly during the 2006 HSBC Champions. During his play, he used a number 3 wood club and managed to hit safely short left side of the green with easy one chip and one putt. One the other hand, Japanese Hideki Matsuyama ended up with a triple bogey on a 2014 tournament when his aggressive drive became a lost ball. The 212-yard par 3 requires you to hit your ball over a ravine. The bunkers that are placed on the left, right and back sections are something to look out for. Finally the green slopes sharply to the right so the player must aim accordingly to where the pin is located on that day. To read more about Sheshan International GC, click here to visit my website.

Date: January 12, 2015

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