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I have played the course twice now, once in 2006 and once in 2008. There have been some changes to the course that have improved my impression of it. The second hole has had the fairway lowered so now there is no confusion about which green to play to (previously the 5th green was also in view and felt a little strange). The earlier issues where the 7th and 8th shared a fairway have been cleverly dealt with and now both holes are independent are great to play. The last three holes at Skibo are fun to play too; pars at the 16th and 17th should be comfortable to achieve but the par-5 18th has potential to leave your scorecard a bit messy as the loch is in play on the entire left side of the hole. Getting to play Skibo is not going to be easy and for me that is a real shame – I would love to discuss the course changes with golfers who have played here but with such small numbers getting the opportunity, I doubt I’ll bump into anyone who has played the course. If anyone from the Carnegie Club at Skibo Castle reads this, please consider allowing some golfers to visit in some-way – the course now needs to be shared a little, IMO.

Date: September 10, 2008

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