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Continuing to climb higher and higher in the top US 100 rankings and spot on. 2nd best Jersey course behind PV. Described as 2 different nines, but not completely accurate as 10,17, and 18 have a similar feel and on the same side as the front. Maybe a few okay holes on the front, but the green complexes are second to none. Beautiful course and old school club house and locker room. The grass tennis courts to the left of one and right of 9 look better than the golf course. Jealous of members there.

#1 is a fantastic opener. Lot of room either side, but need a bit of a fade for longer hitters with bunkers in the landing zone with a straight ball. Inviting 2nd shot, but tough left to right sloping green and need to play short of the flag for a 2 putt. Get used to the greens.

#2 - not a long course, but IMO the defense of the course are the par 3’s and this is where it starts. 175 from the whites and 190ish from the blues and the flag is usually middle or tucked back left. Land on the front or right and will get huge kicks left. Best miss is long left as you are pitching back up to hole. Long right is dead.

#7 - 1 handicap and deserves it. Blind tee shot with what looks like room left, but longer hitter beware of bunkers. Green is the issue here if you have a mid iron in. Better off being short of the hole.

#8 - long par 3 around 200 from whites and 225 from blues. Gorgeous hole. Straight is the key even if short. Left of hole in bunker or rough is a bogey at best.

#11 - great downhill dogleg right. 240 down hill leaves 150+ in uphill. If possible be left of center off tee. Anything on the right side requires fade into uphill green.

#12 - 150 par 3. Huge right to left slope on green. Long right or short of hole is best. Anything left of pin should get wet.

#17 - love it or hate it interesting golf hole. Either lay up with 200-220 or take on a sloped fairway with a small driver landing zone. Up to down hole with a fantastic green.

Great golf course and one of AW’s best

Date: July 13, 2021

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