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Situated directly next to the pay and play Wergs Golf Club in the northern suburbs of Wolverhampton, South Staffordshire is one of a number of really good parkland courses in an area that is virtually unknown to travelling golfers. I have family in Walsall and have been lucky enough to play most of them over the last few decades. Naturally Little Aston, located five miles or so to the east is the cream of the crop, but I’d rate South Staffs not a million miles behind in terms of quality and challenge, although South Staff has a slightly weaker finish than Little Aston. The 3rd is a great hole with a tough sloping green, I’ve three putted here on more than one occasion. 4 is a drivable par 4 and 5 a short par five and both holes offer up birdie chances. 6 is a tiddly but tight par 3 that is well bunkered and the green is a small target to hit. 9 is a brutal par four and the toughest hole by some distance. The odd blind drive remind you that this is a course that was laid out some time ago and the whole experience is thoroughly enjoyable. It’s a much underrated track.

Date: August 24, 2011

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