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Southern Pines is the YMCA of the sand hills of the greater Pinehurst resort area. Of course the locals will say it’s actually in Southern Pines but I’m going to refer to everything in the area as Pinehurst to make it easy.

This review is super biased as I was playing with a local and member of this lovely course who is completely in love with it and believes it’s the perfect course to sneak off and play 9 holes every evening. Southern Pines Golf Course - Photo by reviewer Honestly though, it’s hard to argue with that.

First of all, it’s totally empty in the afternoons; you can walk fast and play fast. It’s a beautiful property with some serious elevation changes and giant tree-lined fairways. The conditioning is that of your typical YMCA, which is slightly under-loved, and run down. If you can get past that what you find is wonderful architectural bones and great holes with interesting greens and no two holes alike. If this beauty ever gets the love and restoration that it deserves you will see it jump to the top echelon of courses in the Pinehurst area. My host would no doubt argue it’s already there. Maybe he’s right. Perhaps the best part of the current set up is that a round might cost you 30-50 USD making it by a mile the best value in the greater Pinehurst area without the 5-hour round.

I’m not sure he would be too happy with me letting the secret out but heed my warning. If it’s a perfectly manicured fairway you want then you need not show up here or you will be annoyed at me for sending you and you’d better go and pay 350 USD to play at Pinehurst Resort.

This is simply an excellent course that will be loved by the purist. One day it will be bought, loved a little and regain all its glory, then the days of the 30-50 USD green fees will be a long lost memory.

Until then, add this to your list of must visits in the area.

Date: June 05, 2018

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