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Played Spérone in July this year. The other reviews do not lie: this must be the most scenic golf course in France and this, and the trouble caused by the wind - the straits of Bonifacio is one of the windiest places in the Med - will make you forget the poor finish. A few more things to keep in mind: 1) three out of four par 3s are really short. I think more variety is called for if a course should be rated this highly 2) the greens may be at such a speed that you have no shot if you are above the hole. Well managed clubs keep the speed down or have them redesigned and 3) you absolutely need to book in advance, otherwise you have a real challenge just to get past the security guards at the gate to the Domaine de Spérone. This last aspect may charm or irritate you, depending on your preferences. Finally, forget the range. The practice balls look like they have been there since the 70s...Having said all this - it would be criminal not to try it if you are in the southern part of Corsica anyway. You will remember the experience!

Date: September 13, 2011

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