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Eight years have passed since our first game and review at Spey Valley and it is great to see the course having matured so well. We haven't, so took a buggie, which was a good call except that it conked out on the 17th - it may still be out there ! The first was much better than I recalled, and from then on it's a superb experience, stunning scenery along and above the Spey, springy turf and sporting, fun golf. We played an attenuated Boat of Garten yesterday, and once again are reminded of the familial resemblance. Dave Thomas was given a great location here, and he's come up with a classic. Despite the expected bumpy, early season greens, this was a top quality golfing experience. Buggies recommended, you can focus on the scenery not the path in front of you !

Date: March 27, 2019

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