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This is a brilliant golf course. Like its neighbour, Cape Schanck, it is a strong walk up and down great dunes. The first reviewer must have had a bad day because it is up there with the best links from my native Ireland.

The first is a mystery hole indeed but I can't wait for a return round when I will know better. The greens are small given the wind but rolled beautifully and were medium in speed so the ball did not career away very far on a misread. The immediate surrounds of the greens grabbed the low hit ball nicely. The fairways are wide and thus very forgiving. Thus the higher handicapper can play the course enjoyably. I have an intense dislike of courses that all punishment such as Royal Co Down, Cape Kidnappers et al which seem only to be for scratch and better golfers. Old fogeys with 14 handicaps can have a grand day on courses like this and Cape Schanck.

At 71 and with five bypasses in January, the walk was invigorating. Who cares that there is a strong walk to and from the car park?

The club house is a small temporary job but that matters not: the course is superb! Getting the course right is the number one priority. I rue the day that Kinloch (NZ) doubled its green-fee to stratospheric levels after putting in their club house: a great course where a mortgage is now needed to play.

So, PLAY this course; stay at Cape Schanck, play there and enjoy the golfing heaven of the region!

Date: December 11, 2020

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