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As you would expect with St Andrews the set up is pretty good. The new club house works very well and has great locker facilities. The one thing about St Andrews is that there is no sense of fuss, the whole place is full of people on there once in a life time trip but the locals go about arranging a few rounds of golf in a very cheerful un flustered manner. I think the St Andrews folk understand that whilst they are lucky to have the most famous course in the world, they don't posess the mast amzing links land in the world. So they ask you to pay a reasonable green fee and organise your whole trip in a very friendly and welcoming way.The course is a good one, it starts off a little bland but builds around the turn. It certainly has great views of the town and surrounding estuary from it's raised tees, especially as you hit the turn. As you head back from the furthest point the course builds and throws up some really good holes with dunes larger than I was expecting at St Andrews, certainly the 16th is the feature hole and would grace any links and is possibly only challenged by the 8th.Anyway as you can tell I'm a fan of the place and it makes for a good golfers destination ......... where else would it be perfectly normal to see people walking down the high street in full golf paraphnalia .......... oh and it's worth coming to see the Americans dress up .....nice people terrible dress sense.

Date: September 08, 2006

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