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Ok, let's not muck around here, if you love golf, I mean have a real passion for the game and its history, this is the one course you MUST play. The experience of standing on the first tee, knowing that EVERY great golfer who ever lived has stood there as well is spine tingling. And it simply gets better, with each hole offering great variety. I managed to go an entire round without finding one bunker, which, considering how many there are and that you can't see most of them, that was something amazing. I can also report that a simple twenty yard chip to the 17th is the scariest shot in golf. Even the simple last back into town I stunning.St Andrews the town is also worth the visit. Full of history.This is the best experience in golf, just make sure you take the whole experience in, because it seems to go too fast and then it is over.

Date: September 28, 2015

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