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There is always a good story with the Auld Lady as this was my fourth time Sharing 18 holes with her. I had arrived the day before to Scotland and my other 10 friends were arriving Saturday May 27th. We got together at EDI Airport and 10 of them decided to go to Edimburgh, but my good friend Gonzalo Benito decided to go with me to the 1st tee to see if we had some St Andrews (Old) Golf Course - Photo by reviewer luck as we needed to apply for the Ballot for Monday where we only had 4 spots. We drove 1h arriving 2pm and while he downloaded all the luggage I literally run to the Old Pavillion with the great news we had 2 spots together at 3:30pm so we completed check in at great Russell Hotel, ate an immense burger and off to the tee where we played with 2 locals who very kindly accepted us as partners.

It is not easy to arrive with zero time and no warming up and it cost me a wild triple on 1 (water with tee shot at Swilcan Bridge and water again from there), but after that played some good golf but lost my match to Gonzalo 1up on 18th after we both three putted. The story is that Friday 26th was to be the hottest day in Scotland for this summer and the consequence was a huge thunderstorm this Saturday, who only caught us on 15th with the loudest impact I ever heard on 18th, it was dangerous! After some minutes of play suspended we continued and were able to finish the round, which was a great start for our trip.

St Andrews (Old) Golf Course - Photo by reviewer

Is there something new I can add from the course? Not about design, course shape and hole description. But it is as special as the first time to stand on 1st tee, hit 17th tee shot (this time under heavy rain) and play 18th with some “spectators” blaming me for missing a 3 footer to tie the match!

The story continues with my other 6 friends arriving 6pm and allowed to tee off, but the storm only let them play 5-7 holes which they were very kindly refunded by St Andrews Links. And on Monday 29th I went to Pavillion 1am to secure the first 2 spots so they all could play The Auld Lady and they did (see pic of how cold it was!). One thing keeps the same: the safe shots are on the left side of every hole! That special this course is, every time it gives you a new story and people do the craziest things to stand on that first hole! I will be back, hopefully again with my friends!

Date: June 29, 2017

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