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St Andrews Old is so much of a simple analysis to golf. In one breath you are offered a municipal course with tee times available. In another breath you have an advance tee time service which also offers an opportunity for play. Additionally, if you choose to partake of the guaranteed manner of play, you shall pay dearly. Doesn't that pretty much sum up the view of golf in general as to how you may partake of playing this game. The Old is the home of golf. It's an absolute joy to play. 6 times I have made my way to play it. Only once was that journey predetermined vis an advance tee time. Setting off to travel 4000 miles without a tee time requires a certain personality. Yes, an itinerary was filled out otherwise. But the primary reason for the trip is/was the Old. The 1st is as open as any 1st and yet you feel uneasy. The 17th as you take aim at the corner of the hotel. The 18th as you bring it home. The criss cross which creates some fun. Bunkers with names, keep it left, greens the size of football fields, which pin should I aim at. Perfection in many ways.

Date: January 21, 2021

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