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Just returnd from a golf weekend break at the Marriott St. Pierre with 3 golfing buddies. The Old Course was a pleasure to play, all be it that the greens had top dressing( which you would expect this time of year) and there were two temporary green in play (well prepared). Our only moan of the Old Course was the poor state of the tees. In contrast, the Mathern Course, which was part of our weekend package was an absolute disgrace. The tees and fairways were in very poor condition and the greens were an absolute disgrace. Even allowing for a wet Winter and heavy foot traffic thay should not be as poor as they were. Even the best mainenance in the world will not get these greens up to a standard that would be accepted by any members golf club! They need digging up and relaying. If you are thinking of taking a golf break at St. Pierre insist that you are only booked on to the Old Course, and you will have a great break!

Date: March 23, 2009

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