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Stockport Golf Club has long been regarded as one of the premier league clubs in Cheshire. Whilst centrally located to suburbia it manages to retain a unique feel being well shielded with established woodland, and turning into the drive has a special feel that you are leaving your everyday troubles behind. Being a true members club, it has been a pleasure to have had the opportunity to play here several times over the years. There are 2 standout areas worth mentioning in this review, the first being the course, and the second being the clubhouse.

The course is typically in excellent condition, and provides a very fair and enjoyable test in beautiful surrounds. What I love about Stockport is that it is not needlessly hard....there is a strong tactical demand and a requirement for good ball striking for players to score well, but it is accessible as a fun day for everyone and will not leave you frustrated as a links may do. The fairways are generous in most parts and typically in very good condition. The greens are expansive with subtle borrows and it is quite normal to be challenged with making a good 2 putt from distance to save par, but they are true and fair and you only blame yourself for being on the wrong side. In the main the course has very few ‘weak’ holes, in fact most could be described as excellent in their design. The stand out holes for me are the 1st, 7th, 8th, 14th, 17th which would not look out of place and probably add value on any top course in the region. My only gripe is the bunkers, although I know they are currently renovating these and the ones I have seen they have done are excellent and once complete there will be no complaints on this course at all.

The second part of the review focussed on the off course experience, and it is here that Stockport again shows why it is a level above. The customer service is outstanding, and I am always made to feel very welcome by all the staff and members. Food quality is very good, and the bar scene is excellent with plenty of good banter. The Steward is long serving and an excellent asset to the club. I have spoken to many friends who have all had similar things to say about their experience.

All in all I have no option but to rank this as an excellent course, typically in excellent condition with good presentation and well worth making the effort to play. I also believe that membership would be a great investment given the good spirit I have seen being shared by members...if only I lived closer!

Date: March 18, 2021

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