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I played Stoke Park (Colt/Alison loop) on 17th June on a reasonably windy day. First off the entrance up to the clubhouse is nothing short of majestic, the main clubhouse building is stunning and leaves you in no doubt you are playing somewhere a wee bit special. We had breakfast before venturing out and the service was excellent as was the food, the locker rooms are spacious and very welcoming, and they have a good range with free balls before you go out. The overall conditioning of the course was excellent, the greens in particular were extremely true and quick, if you putted badly you had no one to blame but yourself. The fairways were lush and the teeing areas were very good. The layout of the course is typical parkland really, plenty of timber to keep you focused and a few interestingly shaped holes but nothing too severe. The bunkering is very good indeed, I should know as I found about 10 during my round! The par 3 holes in particular stand out for me, the 7th and 11th are both over water and are very pretty holes indeed, I played both of these terribly but I still appreciated how good they were. The 18th hole is a terrific par 4 with excellent greenside bunkering. The 16th par 4 meanders along the river and is a reasonably tight hole, and this is followed by the 17th which is a great par 4 where you can take the tiger line over the trees to give you a short iron in to the green. The holes are treelined in many cases but you can still spray it about a bit without being punished too harshly. In summary I would rate Stoke Park as a very good golf course, it is very expensive to play and I was fortunate to play there for free through work, but I don't believe anyone would be disappointed playing here, the facilities are excellent as is the condition of the course.

Date: June 19, 2011

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