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Links style golf course for a majority of the holes with wind a constant companion. Numerous elevation changes, hidden landing areas and very fast greens will ensurer that you use every available method to keep the score reasonable.

The greens are nearly all built with false fronts or collection areas that can ruin what you thought is a nicely played approach. The longer you are off the tee can be both a blessing and a disaster. Running fairways can push you off into terrible lies in large gravely bunkers in the fairways or end to soon and you now hitting from one of the many waster areas.

The par three's are all very strong and the proper clubbing it utmost to get the ball on the right level to ensure two putts. The par fives are all reachable in two if your really striping the ball. Not a course for free swingers unless you don't mind paying off big time in the bar.

Great food as well.

Date: August 06, 2020

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