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This may go down as the easiest review I have ever written for the top100 website as I can’t add, or better, anything said in the two brilliant reviews which precede mine. Suffice to say, I wholeheartedly agree, Stranraer is a wonderful golf course which, in my opinion exists as a gem solely due to its locality. Make no mistake, if this course was closer to Glasgow or Edinburgh it would be considered a top track and it would be on every golfers lips however, our loss is the members gain, as I am sure they enjoy the near exclusivity they have here. If James Braid was still with us I am sure he would be very proud of his final collaboration, and he has every right to be. The 5th, as Derek so eloquently pointed out in his review, is the jewel in Stranraer’s crown. You would however, be badly mistaken, if you thought that Stranraer was a one trick pony as holes: 2,3,6,9,10,14 and 16 are all outstanding. I Have nothing really to add except to mention an appurtenance on the course which delights me. An appurtenance is an accessory or an appendage, you know, something small, like a bell or a sign, and Stranraer’s is a mat/carpet with the club crest on it which sits between the 4th green and 5th tee. Now this doesn’t really serve any purpose but its quirkiness makes me smile but, then again, it is difficult not to smile when you think of this great wee course. MPPJ

Date: July 26, 2008

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