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It’s high time someone wrote a 6 ball review of Streamsong Blue on this site. From the moment the golfer gains the last of the fifty feet of elevation at the 1st tee, until (s)he negotiates the wild contours on the 18th green, Streamsong Blue is pure pleasure, comparable to any of Tom Doak’s other works. The fairways are generous, but configured so there is always a preferred line to the green, a line that often skirts a sandy or watery hazard. Doak provides options on most approach shots, and the running game is almost always one of them. The large greens are more heavily contoured than those at the Red course. And while some see this as a negative, I found the challenge fun, without being daunting.Comparisons to Bandon Dunes are in order here. There may not be as much golf (and the resort lacks Bandon’s “all golf, all the time” vibe), but the better weather and easier access from most of the country are offsets. While Doak and the Red course duo of Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw are said to have routed the two courses collaboratively, I found the land on the northern edge of the property (holes 9-11) to be flatter and less interesting. That, in my mind, is the primary difference in the quality of the two courses. Saying I prefer the Red (but just by an iota) does nothing to demean the Blue course. Mountain Lake is less than an hour away, and these three comprise my favorite co-located Florida golf trio, surpassing even Seminole, Pine Tree and any third south Florida course one might add.

Date: March 17, 2016

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