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I’ve just returned to visit the Red course at Streamsong after 6 years, and boy is it as good as I remembered. I have played the Black and the Blue since and I can say this is firmly my favourite of the three. I also took 3 experienced course reviewers with me this time and all of us were in agreement that playing here is a wonderful and unique experience. The way the land has formed from an unused phosphorus mine creates a truly unique surrounding, with dunes, lakes and abundant foliage which is a stark contrast to all other Floridian courses.

We chose to play off of the tips, which is only really ideal for golfers who can hit the ball over 250 yards through the air, and even then it’s difficult. The length made it really challenging and demands every shot is struck solidly, so unless you are very consistent it’s wise to play the combination tees from the card.

The most striking feature of this venue for me is the quality of the routing. Not only because each holes flows perfectly from green to next tee, also because of the frequently changing direction of the holes, and elevation variances in the sequencing. We played match play, 4bbb, which was an ideal format, as there are as many opportunities for birdies as double bogies, it really does present a theatre for excitement and fun. That’s not to say one couldn’t post a low gross score here, but it would take highly accomplished players to do so.

The course certainly isn’t tricked up and even the water features that are in play are easily avoided, unlike many other Floridan courses. You almost feel like the designers want to reward good golf and avoid card wrecker holes. I hope to return here many times as I can’t imagine you’d ever tire of the amazing architecture and incredible land mass that is Streamsong. Anyone travelling from a long distance would be wise to consider an overnight stay onsite, in the extremely classy yet understated golf hotel on site. I honestly can’t speak highly enough of this venue and I firmly believe a place in the World 100 must be in the foreseeable future.

Date: March 10, 2020

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