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The crown jewel of the St. George Municipal courses, Sunbrook is an amazing course. Probably the St. George course I've played the most, partly because of its Utah PGA book deal, but also because it's that good. A 27-hole layout where all 3 are great, Woodbridge should be part of any golfer's round at Sunbrook, but it's hard to go wrong with any combination. All of them deliver on the St. George trademark qualities, dramatic elevation changes and great views. Those who desire a challenge will find one, while those who wish for memorable holes to play will also enjoy it too. And, as a municipal course, it's affordable too. I will be covering all 3 in this review, as I do think they're all worth checking out.

Blackrock starts basic enough, with simple and standard holes, before reaching its signature black rock holes. Entrada's Devil's triangle they are not, but they are a fun challenge in their own right without being too unfair.

Pointe also has a basic start, before it starts going uphill, culminating in its signature "Pointe" hole, offering one of the best views the course has to offer. After which, it has a dramatic downhill par 4.

Woodbridge is the best of the 3, as it starts with a bang via a dramatic downhill drive par-5. After a more simple flat par 4, the next three are some of the best, but also most challenging, holes of the course, including the "Woodbridge" that is the 9's namesake.

Notable Holes:

Blackrock 7th: Perhaps the toughest par 4 on the course, as it's a long par 4 with a large water hazard guarding the green. A par to be proud of.

Blackrock 8th: The last of the blackrock holes, it demands a long carry of the rocks to reach an elevated green.

Pointe 5th: The signature "Pointe", it's a short par 4. Don't go left, off the slope, but otherwise enjoy the view.

Woodbridge 4th: Probably the most (in)famous hole of Sunbrook, it's a long downhill island green par 3. If that sound's like a recipe for disaster, you'd be right. Getting a par or birdie deserves bragging rights with your group.

Woodbridge 5th: The "Woodbridge", starts with a drive into the ground below before requiring a long carry over some water to the green. A tough challenge as well.

Overall, Sunbrook is an exceptional course for St. George. It might not be the most consistently dramatic of courses in the area, but with its great layout and variety, it should be a great time for anybody playing. If you have the Utah PGA book Free* round promotion, you'd be crazy not to check it out (so long as you don't mind the summer restriction and heat). Even if you don't its median price range for the area and quality layout make it an easy recommendation for anybody visiting.

* $14 cart fee per person

Date: June 05, 2021

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