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Played here in October and despite a period of wet weather, the condition was excellent as expected. The course is stunning and I can fully understand that for a course built nearly 100 years ago this must have been head and shoulders ahead most other courses the UK at that time.

However for me I had 2 things that made it not perfect for me hence a 5 ball score.

Firstly I am not a big fan of holes where you dont see the ball land when you hit a good drive, I am not saying there was loads of blind holes, there wasn't, but on occasions you were left guessing which was the best line to take and some drives that I thought were great had run out of room etc. I understand if I played the course a few times I would learn how to play it, but this to me separates a lot of the great older courses from the great newer ones.

Secondly I felt on occasions that the lies and stances were sometimes compromised by the shape of the land, for example on the 9th (a stunning looking hole) you have a blind tee shot onto a narrow fairway, I nailed my drive only to have a horrible downhill lie but also the ball 6 inches below my feet in what really was a perfect drive. This isn't a complaint but its just making the point that new course designers would level these fairways off a little to make the second shot a bit less of a lottery.

All in a brilliant course and a fantastic looking course, definitely when combined with the old course this is without doubt 36 of the best holes you will get at one venue. But in my opinion the old is a more enjoyable course than the new.

Date: October 15, 2020

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