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Played the Old in the afternoon after playing the New in the morning. Not sure how much was down to personal fatigue/concentration but the Old came across as a subtely more difficult challenge (the conditions also deteriorated as the day progressed). Loved both and both were in excellent condition for the time of year considering the winter we've had. Felt the Old asked a few more questions... especially along the lines of...are you sure you want to take driver here? Several driveable par 4s but only opted for the driver on 1 (the 11th - and got my birdie). That immediately made me want to go back to the 3rd & 9th tees and get the big stick out - decisions decisions, questions, questions. That's what the Old does from start to finish. Finished the day 2 under my handicap on the New but 4 over it on the Old. Would be interested to know how typical (or not) that is.

Date: March 23, 2009

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