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I have been very critical of the condition of this truly great course over the last two years. Not any more. I have never seen a golf course improve so much in a year. The greens have gone from slow wooly and far too soft to firm and fast for the ime of year. This has brought back the slopes on these very interesting greens, and some of the subtle runoffs on the corners of them as the course's defence. There have been new tees built, the fairways have finally been mown and worked upon, and, glory be, the inadequate practice ground has been rebuilt and looks top notch, complete with an all weather green. All power to the secretary, to whom I talked, for saying that it is still about a year from where they want it to be, but if this progress continues, welcome back to one the very best inland courses in the UK. Superb.

Date: April 29, 2016

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