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Texas Star is often ranked in the top 20 of Texas public courses but for the life of me, I can't figure out why. There is a good-to-great course hiding in the land but with the routing fluctuating between extremely boring to confusing, any subtly has been bulldozed away.

Yes the 18th hole looks beautiful and finally brings water into play. Yes some of the looks off the tee are intriguing with the bold choice of putting bunkers directly in a straight line from the tee box (rather than off to the sides to punish a wayward shot). Other than those few holes this course could use a serious makeover.

Let's start with the fest or famine nature of the course. Either the hole has zero elevation change and is laid out plainly before you or forces blind tee shots and second shots over the crests of multiple hills.

Next let's talk about the greens, admittedly in good shape for a winter round, but which borrow heavily from the Pinehurst tabletop model with undulations thrown in for good measure. You cannot really attack these greens so much as survive them

Finally, let's talk about the GPS, which is an additional charge on the credit statement. Almost every hole has the championship tees on the other side of the cart path causing constant warnings about "blind shots". Couple this with multiple other warnings and beeps, I wanted to chuck the GPS out of the cart by the 5th hole.

I really wanted to like TS and was super stoked given the high rating and maybe I caught the course on a bad day in the middle of winter but still, it was confusing how this course could be considered good. Sure the greens are slick, there are unusual looks off the tee and the bunkers have great sand but no matter how pretty the house looks, if it is built on a lousy foundation, it is sure to collapse. I would love to take a bulldozer to this course and give it another go, there is a great course in there somewhere!

Date: January 06, 2018

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