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If I could describe Thanksgiving Point in one word, that would be this: Hard. It is has the highest difficulty rating of any public course in Utah, and it delivers that challenge in spades. This isn't really a course with any particularly great views, just a raw challenge with some great craftsmanship to go with. There's a reason it's been used to host pro events. Playing your recommended tees for your skill level is highly recommended on this course, as overconfident players will quickly regret it otherwise, and I speak from experience.

The course's front 9 is best viewed as a warmup. Starting with a some rather short holes that do a good job easing a player into the course. Then the real challenge starts to kick in with the longer par 5 on hole 5, but still nothing too punishing so long as you hit accurately.

The back 9 starts innocently enough with a moderately long par 4. But from then on, the kiddie gloves are off starting with one of the longest par 5s in Utah. These holes will crush the overconfident player teeing too far back, and still pose a serious challenge even if they aren't. Accuracy is an especially high premium here.

Notable holes:

-3rd: A driveable par 4, it also boasts the bizarre spectacle of a drive-through bunker, the only part you can drive a cart on this hole. Stay away from the big bunker on the left and a good score can be achieved.

-4th (pictured): A downhill par 3, use a club less than the yardage suggests. Getting a par becomes a serious challenge if missing the green to the left.

-14th: A tight dogleg left par 5, it provides a solid risk-reward proposition to the long-hitter. Try to cut off a big chunk of the dogleg for a potential chance to reach the green in 2? Or play it safe and go for it in 3? Just be sure to stay out of the water, or else you're in for a very bad time on this hole.

-17th: The longest par 3 of the course, downhill, and covered with water on both sides. Pick your club wisely, because this hole gives a lot room to hook or slice, but very little for hitting short or long.

Thanksgiving Point isn't for everyone, those looking for a nice, easy, and forgiving round won't find one here. This is for the players who want, or can at least accept, a good challenge. If that's what you're looking for, then Thanksgiving Point won't disappoint. Whether a player comes out humbled or plays the round of their life, it's a great taste of the kind of challenging layout that is the day job of the professional golfer.

Date: June 03, 2021

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