The Legacy - Tennessee - USA

The Legacy Golf Course,
100 Raymond Floyd Drive,
Tennessee (TN) 37172,

  • +1 615 384-4653

  • Chet Frazier

  • Ray Floyd

  • Kevin Holler

Raymond Floyd left quite a legacy in his PGA Hall of Fame Career, but he left a more literal one just north of Nashville.

The Legacy Golf Course is a public access facility, measuring 6,776 yards from the tips. Although Tennessee is known for its mountains, The Legacy and Nashville itself sit within the “Central Basin,” a fertile region once rife with agriculture, which has lowered considerably following the Civil War. Although not mountainous, The Legacy takes advantage of geography that is both hilly and verdant.

Wetlands and native grasses provide keen fodder for the routing (and hazarding) of the golf course, but the club’s Audubon certification ensures that the property remains nearly as idyllic as the day it was found.

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Description: Four-time major championship-winner Raymond Floyd took advantage of Nashville-area geography that is both hilly and verdant for The Legacy Golf Course. Rating: 4 out of 10 Reviews: 1
Colin Braithwaite

The Legacy is a short and surprisingly flat public course northwest of Nashville designed by Ray Floyd.

It opens with a reachable par five. There is a fairway bunker right that is about 250 yards out. Favor the left side as there is OB right. There is also a greenside bunker right. The 2nd hole leans a bit right and has a fairway bunker on the right side starting at approximately 150 yards out. The green is protected by three bunkers, on front and two right. The first par 3 is mid-yardage with a water carry. The green is shaped like a figure 8 and has a bunker front and right. Danger, danger if the pin is back right, go for the middle of the green. The 4th is a short par four and a good birdie oppty. It does have staggered fairway bunkers right and left with the right being about 150 out and the left about 110. Favor the left off the tee to set up your attack wedge. There is a long front bunker. The fifth is a long dogleg left and is the number one handicap hole. I would not advise trying to cut the corner. There is a generous landing area and too far left could leave you with tree trouble. This green has bunkers right and left. The 6th is a mid-length par 3 with a small water carry to a wide and narrow green with a bunker front left. The 7th is eerily similar to 1. Fairway bunker right about 250 out and OB right. Definitely reachable with two bunkers in front of the green. The 8th is a dogleg left with fairway bunkers on the inside and outside elbow. The 9th is a straightaway par four with a fairway bunker on the right side about 180 yards out. There is also a greenside bunker right.

The back starts with a long par four that leans right. Favor the right side off the tee as the left is tree-lined. There is a small gunch carry off the tee and also on the approach. The 11th parallels the 10th and is the same distance, favor the left side of the fairway. The green has bunkers at 4, 8 and 12 o’clock. The 12th is a forgettable mid-length par 3. The 13th leans a bit to the right, favor the left side off the tee. There is a small water hazard way right and the green is surrounded by four bunkers. The 14th is also a reachable par five. This time OB left and the fairway bunker is about 270 yards out. The 15th is a good birdie hole, short and a slight dogleg right. It is rated the easiest hole on the course and has woods right and OB left and a solitary bunker greenside left. The 16th is another good birdie oppty, short albeit with two water hazards right. A decent drive will take the first one out of play and the second one should only come into play if you hit a power pottamus. The 17th is the shortest hole and another uninspiring par three. The 18th is the longest par five and at 550 yards reachable by some but certainly not me. It leans a bit left and has woods left. For you big hitters favor the left side as there are a couple of trees in the fairway right of center about 250 yards out. There are also matching left and right fairway bunkers about 140 yards out and one greenside right.

The par 4s are the best holes.

March 10, 2021
4 / 10
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