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Situated on the Sammamish Plateau, a stone’s throw away from Sahalee and Aldarra both of whom are considered the big boys of Washington State golf. The Plateau club though close in proximity is not on par with the likes of Sahalee and Aldarra though offers a stellar golfing experience.

Perry Dye’s design and routing wind through a network of dense vegetation typical of Western Washington. The course traverses two roads and with large changes in elevation, walking at the Plateau club may not be the most advisable option.

In my humble option I would rate the Plateau Club as the most difficult course to play in Western Washington for the first time. A majority of shots into the greens on par 4’s a blind. Trouble with locating hazards and generally understanding the layout and design of holes, are frustrations typical of the Plateau Club experience. Lacking visuals and target lines difficulty in navigating the Plateau Club without the guidance of a member or at the very least someone familiar with the layout is the most pressing flaw of the course. Single walkers get the unique experience and enjoyment of climbing up a multitude of holes just to tee the pin only to traverse back up after their approaches. Ahh nothing like climbing a hill twice after a bad shot!

The Plateau Club provides a solid, but not great golfing experience, conditioning and quality members make the Plateau Club a special and memorable place.

Date: July 17, 2020

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