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Tale of two different nines. The outward half plays through non-descript grasslands. The holes are fairly basic in their requirements and sufficient but far from anything that's compelling. Matters change for the inward half. Here you play holes through a 100-year-old former quarry pit. The contrast between the verdant green grass corridors and the wild and woolly quarry terrain intersects in a fine manner.

One of the main issues I have with Quarry is the abundance of paved cart paths. At times the experience can be marred by the constant role they can play. A bit more attention in keeping them as invisible as possible would add to the golf experience.

Give architect Keith Foster a salute in dealing with the myriad of issues tied to the site. Hard to believe what was there previously -- versus what is there today.

The back nine has the better overall hole mixture and the routing keeps golfer's on their toes as you never can get into a set pattern that's easy to discern. If in town and time allows a visit to play certainly merits attention.

M. James Ward

Date: June 24, 2019

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