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I shall write this review in two parts. Firstly the course, then the resort.The course gets 6 balls. No doubt about it. The photos you see are exactly how it appears, there is no trick of the camera here. All 18 holes are fantastic. You cannot be disappointed. We played the course 3 times, and it was interesting how much easier the course became once you knew the landing spots, where the safe areas were and so on. The closest comparison I can make is Monte Rei. Not because the two courses are exactly alike, but because the design between tees, the buggy only layout, the vista which welcomes you on each tee, I've played both and there are likenesses.Secondly, the resort. With local knowledge now known, I would not have stayed here. Unless you like eating in the same restaurants in the same close-knit resort night after night, this is not for you. There are some nearby towns with good local restaurants that are a far better bet. These are far more accessible from the Lighthouse resort. So in hindsight, I'd have stayed at the Lighthouse resort, and travelled out from there each night.

Date: October 03, 2015

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