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Timuquana is a pretty good golf course for Jacksonville. Among the top 10 courses in the metro area, but more than half of the holes are very weak and lack artistic creativity. It could have been so much better if the water were used on the course, but it is not. The only water is retention ponds.

They are redoing things and if the conditioning and bunkers can be improved, it'll be much stronger.

The best thing about Timuquana is that it doesn't sit among track homes and has a fabulous view of the lake. The opening hole is a bland and barely defended par 4, as is the closing hole. The better holes are in between and more challenging. It's also walkable, so hence the bump to 3.5 stars.

Don Ross built a lot of courses. One wonders how much time he spent on property as the site's main interest is it proximity to the St Johns River, which, unfortunately wasn't considered when routing things. One can sort of manage Ross doing a routing with several water holes before that idea was rejected. Who did Ross hire to do this job? That's another concern I have as I just don't see the great Ross touches I've seen at his finest courses (Oak Hill, Pinehurst, etc)

Date: August 31, 2021

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