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My first ever visit to Tobacco Road was perhaps the wettest day I’ve ever seen on a golf course. I was out first thing in the morning in the first group and by the time I was half way through the front 9 they had shut the course down, there were literally streams running everywhere. Being the fanatic I am, I still finished and loved the place.

This time the Golf Gods were very kind and provided me with the perfect day and perfect weather. I had been on a bit of a run hitting them well and managed for the first time in my life to break 70. Ok, Tobacco Road Golf Course - Photo by reviewer good for me right and since this is about the course naturally I’m going to love it with a round like that. Thing is, I already loved the course from the disastrous day I had the first time around.

The slope of the back tees is something like 146, which makes this course on paper extremely hard, and I’d tend to agree with that if you hit yourself out of position. It’s an easy course to run up a large score on pretty much any hole with a miscue. There is also a lot of visual intimidation, but Strantz also built in plenty of width and several opportunities to score. For example a solid drive on the first par 5 that rolls past the tree line on the left side of the fairway allows you to cut the corner of the dogleg with as little as a 6 to 8 iron. The very next par 4 is drivable with an exacting shot up the hill over the waste area. It may require a carry of like 250 yards but it’s definitely doable and another scoring hole.

The 11this another scoring opportunity as a solid drive up the right side taking on the canyon will render this par 5 reachable in two as well. The 13this another opportunity and a lay up will leave a short iron or even pitch that’s semi blind into a punchbowl green. Get the distance and line even close and you will have a decent birdie chance.

Tobacco Road is many things, fun, quirky, challenging, spectacular and always provides a great day out.

Date: June 05, 2018

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