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Crazy, whacky, beautiful, memorable, and most of all incredibly fun to play. The course has been called "Pine Valley on Steroids", "If National is Citizen Kane then Tobacco Road is Pulp Fiction" (or close) and my playing partner said "This really reminds me of Pine Valley." I haven't played Pine Valley, but I don't know how a course with reviews like this isn't talked about more. It made me immediately want to play it again and play all of the Strantz courses I can. The course is full of variety, heroic carries, visual intimidation and has this amazing ability to look a LOT harder than it really is. The tough carries are often shorter than they look, the tight chutes often open up to be very wide, and a lot of the big hazards are easy to avoid. I can't say enough things about this course and while I've heard great things, I was still surprised. I would assume that people takeaway points for scenic beauty, but the Strantz paints amazing visuals on an otherwise rough, sandy terrain. I also realize that it doesn't necessarily play nice with an 18+ handicap and it lacks some of the history that the world's top courses boast. I'm not an 18+ handicap so that's OK with me, and despite the lack of Tournament and "Old Club" History, the place is a shrine to one of Golf's greatest architects and it's a true golf-first facility. This is a first-class golf course that if you're in the area you have to play. Don't take a trip to Pinehurst without stopping at Tobacco Road.

Date: July 09, 2020

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