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Torremirona is my home course away from home. Have played the course at least 100 time. I usually have 6 or 7 strokes on the course. It is with this in mind you should read my evaluation. First, the course is placed in a wonderful nature. From many holes you have a fantastic view of the Pyrenees and except for a bit traffic noise along the 3rd and 4th hole you are only having the sound of nature.

I consider Torremirona as a real holiday course. Playable with pleasure by golfers of all levels. And it is a good walking course. There are only two uphill holes (1 & 8) that can challenge your fitness, but only a bit. It is not a course where you need to think a lot in course management. From every tee, what you see is what you get. But on some holes you will have to make decisions. Will you go for the green on the par 3, five? It is not long but surrounded by a horseshoe lake covering front, left and right? Will you lay up on the par 5, six where most of the green are fronted by a lake?

If you play it in accordance to your handicap – that is don’t try to do something that you are not sure of puling of – then you should be in the winner group. To me hole 8 is the most difficult. It is uphill all the way and if you don’t place your drive in the left of the fairway the ball will roll to the right, maybe not out of fairway, but long enough to the right to be blocked by tall trees for a second shot to the green. Though, if you can hit it 250m straight uphill you will not be in trouble.

My favorite is the par 4, nine. Downhill all the way. With a little dogleg left about 200m down. If you can hit a little draw, the ball will get extra roll and you will be in for a 100m birdie shot to the green. My other favorite is the par 5, eighteen. You have a lake on the right side of the fairway, which starts approx. 120m from the green and covers the entire front of the green. No matter handicap/length you have 2 options for placing your approach shot. Play short to take the lake out of play or go for the fairway to the left for a shorter approach shot and risk the lake or, if you are a long hitter, after your drive you will probably have about 220-30m for a second shot over the lake to the green.

Fantastic, but now comes my negatives. First: In high season you will have many high handicap and beginner golfers on the course, many who doesn’t seems to have a clue of the golf rules and etiquette – that is time to search for your ball, when to let the group behind play through etc. And unfortunately the golf management in not at the top when it comes to ask visitors for their handicap certificate or having a marshals who – with authority – can help the flow of play.

Second: In general the maintenance and conditions of the course is top quality, but, in some areas, with little or no focus on details. The tee places on some tees are sometimes located more or less randomly and please, stay away from most of the green bunkers. You will never know how much or less sand you will have under your ball. A finally they are only cutting new holes ones a week, maybe twice if very crowded. Meaning that if you come at the wrong time the edges of the holes will really be worn down.

Date: April 16, 2020

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