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Torrey Pines is my 'home course'; so I have played the South many times. This review is therefore from a 'local'.

For starters, if you are a single, you can usually get on either of the courses within an hour. I very rarely have to wait. Even on weekends.

Secondarily, be honest with yourself and play the correct tees. I am usually on the green middle tee (10 Index). There are new taupe tees now that are a little shorter. I laugh when the tourists want to play from the back tees. It is long from the green tees! And if we play back there, I end up almost always am the longest hitter in the group. It becomes a very slow round as my follow competitors spend the day in the rough.

Also, the course is VERY different in the two months before and after the Farmer's Open - the rough is up and the greens are significantly faster. The South is gettable from March - October. But when the greens are cranked, you get a real appreciation at how good the pros are at putting. I jokingly say I am putting with the shadow of my putter head.

A lot of the reviews about the course itself are very accurate. It is far from a perfect course.

#1, #4, #7, and #12 are VERY strong par 4s that really require two big shots. #1 in particular challenged Tiger with double bogies when he won the US Open in 2008. It is a true card breaker to start off with. Drive the ball to the left side! There are birdie opportunities in #2, #3, #6, #9, #10, #13, #15. And two very challenging par 3s on the back.

But you have to look at Torrey South in the 'total package' context. The beauty of the location. The conditioning of the course. The balance between tough holes and gettable holes. And it is easily walkable. Finally enjoy a post-round drink and meal at the patio of The Lodge to cap off the day. And of course it is a PGA Tour stop and a US Open course. That is what makes Torrey so fantastic.

Additionally, spend some time walking the Torrey Preserve hiking trails just to the north of the course. Or do 'the steps' just south of the glider port down to Black Beach. Both are easy hike to enjoy the beauty of the location.

Date: January 05, 2018

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