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I played this course a week ago and the location, service and staff were fantastic. The layout that Greg Norman had sculptured is a great layout rivalling many of the top courses in the British Isles. However I was very disappointed to be met by the starter who said hit your putts very hard as the greens are running at 7 feet on th e stimp as they are trying to sort them out! I thought that he must have been exaggerating however I think he was being optimistic - I am a low handicap golfer who has played most of the top 100 courses in these Isles and abroad and have never been more disappointed and frustrated playing a golf course that offers so much but could deliver nothing. The greens were simply appalling and at best running at 6 feet, with some slightly over and some slightly under. I left my putt on the first green 6 feet short from 20 feet and it was downhill. And I headed the starter's warning! It also looked like the greens at Chambers Bay. It could be great but until the greens are sorted I would not play this course. Go to Tralee, stay at lahinch or just do something (or anything) else. You will only be met with disappointment and a large green fee otherwise.

Date: September 03, 2015

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