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We played the Ailsa at the end of a 3 day break and with all of the expectation our group had it would have been very easy for this to have been a let down but Turnberry lived up to the expectation in everyway. It was a clear friday afternoon and the drive down the coast gave us a few glimpses of the iconic lighthouse and got the heart going! When we arrived in the clubhouse we were given our lockers for the afternoon and pointed to the practice range for a warm up. After loosening up it was off to the first tee with hopes of not thinning the first one into the gorse!! I managed to avoid that and we set off with a blustery wind toughening up the course for the first 10 holes. I cant really add much to what has been written about this course, but it was everything I had hoped for and much much more. Played as well as I could have despite being a bit of a links novice and this was highlighted when a few drives which were supposed to be up the middle were thrown into the deep stuff. I learned my lesson and managed to get round to handicap. Each hole was tough but fair, giving you a chance but anything wild was severely punished. Its so hard to concentrate on playing to the best of your ability whe you are constantly admiring the surroundings, the hotel on the hill, the rugged coastline and the islands kept my head turning despite growing up just up the road in kilmarnock. All 4 of our group agreed that it was the best course we have ever played (or are likely to) and for me three events made this day perfect. A low flying bomber gave us a fly by about 100 feet above our heads on the first green. Chipping in for a birdie 2 on the par 3 maidens and finally on the 18th after finding the fairway I hit a full wedge which landed on the green, almost held on and just trickled over the back. I found myself in the same position as Mr Watson had the previous year. I only managed a 5 but to be honest thats not bad considering the company I am in!

Date: September 26, 2010

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